• In-Home Personal Care And Companion Services For Seniors

    Imagine what it would be like if you had all the time in the world to be there for them. OK, we know what you’re thinking: That's not possible. You love your elderly family members, but you're busy with work, kids, meetings and other activities. Vacation time and other leaves are short lived. Friends try to help, but they can only do so much.

    Want to help your elderly parent live a happier life at home? At Here To Care, we provide personalized senior personal care and companion services to all families.

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Can you make yourself available to assist your loved one at ALL TIMES? Probably NOT.

When someone you love needs help but you can’t always be there, you feel a mixture of emotions including concern, compassion, anxiety, and even guilt. All of these are normal and understandable emotions.

Providing personal care and companionship to an elderly loved one can take a lot of time and energy. But, you must remember that your own needs are just as important.


If you are over stressed and not feeling well, can you help someone else stay healthy and happy?

We recognize that remaining at home is important to you and your elderly loved one. Afterall...

Although some seniors will need more assistance than others, a little help with activities of daily living is sometimes all that’s needed for your loved one to live a fuller, happier life at home.



Reasons Why An Individual May Need Personal Support and Companion Care Services


How to assess their situation and needs...

Consider the following reasons why an individual may need personal support and companion care services at home:

  • You want them to eat well, but healthy cooking has become difficult and takes so much time.
  • Your loved one needs help while getting to the doctor, or grocery shopping.
  • You notice your parent is not taking baths and has poor hygiene.
  • You want to spend more time assisting your loved one, but you can't make yourself available for them as much as they need.
  • You notice they seem depressed and lack interest in once enjoyable things.
  • Your parent is experiencing some memory loss, and forgets to take their medications.
  • You would like them to have opportunities to socialize and continue to engage with the world.
  • A companion care worker can offer reasons for a lonely senior to get up and get dressed for the day.
  • You need help as you recover from illnesses, an accident, or surgery.
  • You are concerned about the safety of your ageing loved one who lives alone. Who will be there to assist in case of an emergency?

Any of these are very important reasons to find the right home care services to help your loved one maintain a fuller and healthier life! Our compassionate caregivers can help them stay safe and happy at home where they feel most comfortable.

If you have questions or need help in assessing your elderly loved one’s needs, please fill in the free home care assessment form, or you may call us directly at (877) 365-2233. We'll be happy to help.


Your loved one may resist the idea of being “cared for”. Resistance to care is a challenge that many caregivers face. However, you must still make an honest assessment of what kind of help your loved one needs and which services might work best for them. Where possible, keep your loved one involved in decisions about their care, listen to their preferences, and explain the benefits of assistance. Also, remember to explain your own needs, and how accepting care can make things easier for you.



We support all adults including the frail elderly, disabled adults, and those recovering from illness or hospitalization.

Your loved one can remain at home with support from dedicated, compassionate, and trustworthy caregivers who are trained to meet your family’s specific needs. Our services support families with non-medical private home care tasks which can be classified as: companion, homemaker, and personal care services.

Our goal is to make your family's long-term care journey as easy as possible.


The level and amount of in home care services we provide you will depend on your specific needs. One of the reasons we interview our clients first before sending them the right caregiver to provide in home care, is so that we can create a customized care plan for our caregivers to follow based on the client's unique needs.

Our personal care and companion services are available for seniors and individuals with disabilities in the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond. We provide services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Some of our senior home care services include:

Personal and Companion Care - Friendly Companionship

Friendly Companionship

Lack of companionship, friendship, and bonding can take a psychological and physical toll on a senior. Our services will help ward off loneliness and isolation. Caregivers will encourage engagement and social activity.

Personal and Companion Care - Travel Assistance and Escort

Travel Assistance and Escort

Getting to religious services,friendly social visits, or medical appointments can be difficult sometimes. A friendly caregiver can accompany you as needed, and assist along the way

Personal and Companion Care - Safety Monitoring

Safety Monitoring

From risks for falling and wandering out at night, to leaving the stove on and forgetting to take medications! When you can't be there, a compassionate Here-to-caregiver can! We’ll be the extra set of eyes and ears you need.

Personal and Companion Care - Assist or Organize

Assist or Organize

Staying organized is essential at any stage of life. Each person’s situation is unique, so we will help you create a personalized service plan based on your needs and personal goals.

Personal and Companion Care - Household Tasks and Light Housekeeping

Household Tasks and Light Housekeeping

Not enough energy? We can help you get simple tasks done and take care of that place you call home.

Personal and Companion Care - Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Good nutrition is important at every age and, can help avoid heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and some types of cancer. All of our caregivers may not be gourmet chefs, but we can certainly help plan, prepare, and encourage healthy meals.

Personal and Companion Care - Grooming and Bathing

Grooming and Bathing

Is your loved one lacking in hygiene and personal care? For most seniors depending on others to help them get clean can be embarrassing, especially when the person assisting them is their own child. Our caregivers are experienced, and can really help.

Personal and Companion Care - Eating or Feeding

Eating or Feeding

Are physical or cognitive problems making it difficult for your loved one to feed themselves? Avoid malnutrition secondary to poor feeding. Our trained caregivers can help; from preparing the meals, to serving and feeding.

Personal and Companion Care - Mobility


Getting around may not be as easy as it used to be. Painful joints, unstable legs, or new surgical wounds can cause limitations. We will help maintain your loved one’s quality of life.

Personal and Companion Care - Incontinence Support

Incontinence Support

Our caregivers can help with scheduled bathroom trips, which are most effective for individuals with mobility or neurological issues.. Frequent accidents? Don’t worry. We’ll help keep your loved one clean and dry, keeping in mind that dignity and client privacy are two of our core values.



Are you ready to get the help you need?


Almost anyone can provide personal and companion care for their friend or family member. However, caregiver burnout is very common among family caregivers. We’ve also found that many of our clients were not well-informed on how to practically and efficiently support the wellness of their seniors. Many had to juggle the daily tasks of caregiving while trying to maintain their own personal lives including work, family, and social life. Such a situation often creates a big and uncomfortable struggle for families of ageing individuals. This is why we provide our Personal Care and Companion Services – in homecare services that will properly support your loved one, so you can have peace of mind.

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If you have questions about our personal care and companion services or want to learn more, you may contact us or call us directly at (877) 365-2233 and we'll be happy to help.

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