• Are You Worried About The Safety And Security of Your Loved One?

    "Live-in Caregiver Services"

    Peace of mind begins with knowing that they have a friendly companion by their side who can assist them with daily activities, monitor for safety, and attend to emergency situations. Our Here-to-Caregivers can support you or your loved one at home with dedicated personal care and companion care services that meet your specific needs.

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Are you comfortable leaving your aging loved one home alone? Have you considered hiring a live-in caregiver?

What is a live-in caregiver?

A live-in caregiver is a person who “lives” in a client’s home from a few days a week to several days each week, and is qualified to take care of, and support the person. A live-in caregiver is responsible for providing help and assistance to their client, and can perform a variety of tasks such as light housekeeping, assisting with personal care and hygiene, providing support to keep up with appointments, and making sure that any health-related routines are followed.


Live-in Caregiver Services


Benefits of hiring a live-in caregiver

  • Hiring a live-in caregiver means that your loved one gets to stay at home which is actually more comfortable and convenient for them. A retirement home is not always the best option.At home, they are surrounded by their own things and this is usually their preference!
  • Having a live-in caregiver means that you have someone who can keep your loved one company and at the same time help with daily chores and tasks to help keep their home well-maintained.
  • A good live-in caregiver is someone who is flexible, adaptable, and open-minded. When you have access to such a companion, you don’t have to worry much about daily living tasks or errands that need to be accomplish for your loved one.
  • At some point or another, we all need and deserve a break from our caregiving responsibilities. Our live-in caregivers can give you the well-deserved break that you need with the assurance that your loved one is being attended to with great care and dedication.
  • A live-in caregiver is flexible, can perform a variety of tasks for your loved one, and is also capable of handling emergencies situations properly. You can be sure that should an emergency arise, your loved one’s safety will be a priority.

If you have questions or need help in assessing your elderly loved one’s needs, please fill in the form below, or you may call us directly at (877) 365-2233 for a FREE ASSESSMENT. We'll be happy to help.


Live-in Caregiver - Friendly Companionship

Friendly Companionship

Our live in companions willgive your loved one feelings of comfort and security knowing that someone is always home in case of emergencies. Companion care helps eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation while improving social skills.

Live-in Caregiver - Personal Care

Personal Care

Need help with bathing, dressing, grooming or toileting? Not to worry! Here to Care-givers offer excellent personal care services to help your loved one stay healthy and well-groomed while maintaining their dignity and privacy.

Live-in Caregiver - Physical and Mental Health

Physical and Mental Health

You can count on Here to Care to offer and arrange productive activities for your loved one to help enhance their physical and mental health.

Live-in Caregiver - Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Need to keep track of a lot of medication schedules? Your live in caregiver can help you keep track of medication schedules so you never miss a dose.

Live-in Caregiver - Monitor for Safety

Monitor for Safety

Is your mom at risk for falling? Her caregiver can help assist, monitor, and maintain her safety while allowing her as much independence as possible in her own home.

Live-in Caregiver - Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

A live in caregiver can help with light housekeeping such as vacuuming, doing the laundry, and kitchen clean up; to help you maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Live-in Caregiver - Plan and Prepare Meals

Plan and Prepare Meals

Too busy to make sure dad eats healthy? Not to worry! Your caregiver can help plan and prepare healthy and delicious meals that can be stored and reheated later for your convenience.

Live-in Caregiver - Help Maintain the Home

Help Maintain the Home

Your caregiver can extend the services of helping you maintain your home by making sure that your home is well-stocked with necessities, and that everything is in order and organized.

Live-in Caregiver - Escort Doctor's Appointments

Escort to Doctor's Appointments

Need skilled company to escort you or your loved one to doctor’s appointments? Your live in caregiver will always be there to assist, and can help you take notes too!


What’s the best course of action?

Caring for a senior or loved one with a disability is such a rewarding experience, but we understand that it can feel very stressful at times. Everybody needs help sometimes, and we have taken your need for help to heart. This is why we provide the supportive services that we offer. It’s because we are Here to Care!

Whatever your caregiver needs are, our trained and experienced caregivers can help. We can help you with personal care, assist you with other daily living tasks, and, provide companionship and light housekeeping services customized to meet your unique needs. We want you to know that you have options, and live in care is one of them. Your parent does not have to leave their comfortable and precious home if they don’t want to. We are here to help!


Here to Care at your service

Our live-in caregivers are at your service. Call us if:

  • You feel worried that your loved one does not get to socialize and interact with others as much as they used to
  • You are worried about the safety and security of your loved one especially if they are not living with you. If they are living with you, you’ll need to go places for periods of time and you’re worried about who will care for themwhile you’re away
  • Your loved one is taking a lot of medications or has had former medication errors that need to be monitored and supervised
  • You frequently need to bring them to doctor’s appointments or to the hospital
  • You have limited support from local friends and family
  • Your ageing parent prefers to live at home but needs companionshipor personal care
  • Your loved one needs help with light housekeeping and home maintenance


Help is within your reach

Here to Care has your best interest at heart. We have a deep understanding of the things you go through and the ordeals you may face, which is why we have made our services available to you. We understand that our ageing parents prefer not to move out of their own homes, and because of that we offer our trained and experienced caregivers who are ready to be of service to them. We believe that our ageing parents can age in place with dignity and grace. Call Here to Care for Seniors today, and shower your loved one with dedicated care and support from our team of committed caregivers.

We will gather knowledge about your routines, specific needs, concerns, and goals. Then, we’ll create a custom plan that will best support you. Count on us to help.

Now make your life a bit easier by taking the next step

If you have questions about our live-in caregiver services or want to learn more, you may contact us or call us directly at (877) 365-2233 and we'll be happy to help.

You'll be glad you did.