Things You Need To Know When Looking For The Best Senior Home Care Services

Things You Need To Know When Looking For The Best Senior Home Care Services

When it comes to choosing home care services for your loved ones, we know that you only want the best. It can be an overwhelming task but we are here to guide you to make the right choice. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask before choosing a home care service provider for your loved one.

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How long has this company been giving home care services to the elderly?

It is important to choose a home care service provider with a proven track record when it comes to delivering high quality client care. Do they have positive feedback from current and previous clients? If possible, get the opinion of a medical health professional.

Also ask about the experience and know-how of the leadership staff at the agency. Is it lead by health care professionals with senior care experience and expertise?

Are they offering the services that you and your loved one needs?

Identify what type of services you need and check if they will match the services that a home care agency is offering. Common services usually offered include: housekeeping, personal grooming, bathing, meal management, medication reminders, safety monitoring and companionship. Non-medical home care services can be categorized into Care companionship, personal care assistance, respite care and live-in care.

How Do They Select and Train Their Employees?

It is recommended that you ask about the standard hiring processes of a home care service provider you are considering for your loved one. Do they conduct proper background checks for all of their employees? It is crucial for a home care agency to conduct thorough background checks on all prospective employees. This should include a vulnerable sector police clearance and professional references.

For further confidence, ask about the qualification requirement that they set for their employees. It is also in your best interest to ask what kind of ongoing training they offer their employees. Do they train their employees to handle emergencies? Do they know how to administer first aid or CPR?

Who Supervises the Care?

Ask who is responsible for managing the overall care of each client. It is also important to know the measures they are taking to make sure that all employees deliver quality care. Do they make spontaneous visits to client’s homes while caregivers are on duty, in order to evaluate the level of care being provided? If so, how often? Ask if family members and other health care providers can get involved in planning the care most suitable for your loved one.

How Do They Handle Client Complaints?

It is best to know the steps that they are going to take just in case you are dissatisfied with their services. Are they going to replace the caregiver assigned to you if it’s not a good fit? What happens if you decide not to continue with their service anymore?

How Much Will It Cost?

Will the agency perform a thorough face-to-face assessment to determine the level and amount of care needed and options to make it affordable for you and your family? What are their payment options?

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