Senior Health Care: How To Prevent Senior Re-Hospitalization

Senior Health Care: How To Prevent Senior Re-Hospitalization

It is no doubt that hospitals save lives—that is a fact, but you'd be looking for a while to find someone that is eager to spend time there. Many seniors are frequently in and out of the hospital, and many times this could have been prevented. Hospital stays for the elderly can oftentimes lead to a more serious decline in health.

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There are several ways to help prevent senior hospitalization, and they take minimal extra effort daily.

Regular Doctor Checkups

It is always important to follow the doctor's orders. The biggest reasons for not following doctor's orders are denial of health issues, apathy, and unwillingness to change ways. When you decide to take advantage of home care assistance in Toronto, you can be sure that your loved one is being supported by someone who knows how important it is for him or her to follow their doctor's orders.

Ignoring symptoms is also a huge factor in seniors that face hospitalization. Aches and pains are quite common when growing older, but when a senior is recovering from an illness or injury these aches and pains may be signals that something is wrong. The aches could be brought on by a strikingly chilly day in Toronto, but a home care assistant should insist that the senior see their doctor, as there is a chance that the pain is indicative of a larger problem.

Preventing Accidents

Reducing the risk of falls and accidents is easy—when a senior is utilizing home care assistance, there is a helping hand at all times to be sure that they are using assistive tools such as a walker or a cane when needed. Usually a fall can be a warning sign for a symptom of other health issues, and can lead to broken bones in addition to the original problem.

Keeping Active

Staying active both mentally and physically can help to maintain health and lead to a shorter period of decline. Living life actively and doing things that are enjoyable can help to maintain a quality of life for a longer period of time. The aid of home care assistance will ensure that the senior is staying sharp in their mind, and also receiving the physical activity that they need to maintain their health.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet aided by companionship leads to an improved emotional well-being. If a senior lives alone and is not able to prepare healthy meals, a balanced diet is not present, therefore leading to increased risk of hospitalization. Taking advantage of home care assistance in Toronto can ensure that your loved one will not only be receiving a balanced diet, but they will also be enjoying their meals with a companion.


Nobody wants to see their loved one in a hospital when they could be enjoying life at home. Preventing the causes of hospitalization is the key factor in ensuring this. When family members are not available to be by the side of their loved one, enlisting the help of a home care assistant helps to put the family at ease about the senior's health and wellness.

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