Some Great Outdoor Activities For Seniors

Some Great Outdoor Activities For Seniors

Though many outdoor sports and games are usually geared towards children and teenagers, there are countless ways for seniors to enjoy the fresh air while also getting some exercise, or even exploring their creative sides. And with warmer temperatures to come, it’s time to start preparing to cast off the parkas and prepare to enjoy Canada’s beautiful, though seemingly short, summer.

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Exercise for Seniors

Though games like football or baseball may not be an option anymore, there are many ways for seniors to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air. Many yoga instructors offer programs that have been designed just for seniors — these classes help to stretch out aching joints and muscles without straining them, and help to relax both the body and mind. Taking a walk down a scenic path can also help to keep the body limber, without the constraints of a scheduled class. Gardening is also good exercise, with the added bonus of creating a beautiful display of favorite flowers, or growing tasty vegetables to enjoy in a delicious meal shared with family or friends.

Get the Creative Juices Flowing

For the elderly artist, nature can offer a wide variety of scenes to inspire the creative side. You can get assistance to set up a canvas in a picturesque park, or if sketching is preferred, settle on a bench or on the grass and draw whatever catches your eye. For a writer, any scene, snippet of conversation, or twirl of a squirrel’s tale can initiate a short story or poem, and a pen and notebook can offer a whole world of possibilities that may not be found indoors. Photography is also an excellent outdoor activity. Even crafts like needlework can be done outside, simply to enjoy the fresh air.

Just Relax

If creative arts is something best left to others, it does not mean you cannot still enjoy the arts. Many parks have stages where bands play live music, or local groups perform plays, all of which are open to the public, sometimes at no cost. A picnic in the grass with homemade sandwiches and snacks can be a great way to spend the afternoon, with a bit of entertainment for the whole family.

Bring the Games Outside

Spending time outdoors does not mean having to travel far. For the senior who prefers a few card games, head out to a backyard table, or a blanket on the grass, and start dealing. The same goes for board games like checkers, chess, or any other portable box of fun. Scavenger hunts are not just for kids either; the whole family can get involved in a giggling race around the yard, or expand it throughout the neighborhood. For a senior with limited mobility, these activities can be even more fun when facilitated by home care assistant.

Getting outside into the fresh air and sunshine is not only good for a healthy body, but is also good for a healthy mind. Long Canadian winters can leave a person a bit depressed, especially those who have limited mobility and fear falling on the icy streets. With the coming warmer weather, those feelings can melt away with the ice and snow. In addition, if mobility is still an issue, it is always a good idea for a senior to have assistance from family or friends, or if none are available, ask for professional help from a private home care agency. Seniors should keep moving, and motivated to get out and enjoy the warm weather when it comes.

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